Exclusive: Ishq Ka Rang Safed fame Snehal Rai reveals she is 21-year younger to her politician husband; shares her love story and marriage of 10 years for the first time

Vijaya Tiwari | ETimes.in | Last updated on – May 25, 2023, 20:19 IST

Exclusive: Ishq Ka Rang Safed fame Snehal Rai reveals she is 21-year younger to her politician husband; shares her love story and marriage of 10 years for the first time

Actress Snehal Rai, who has done shows like ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’, ‘Janmo Ka Bandhan’, ‘Ichhapyaari Naagin’, ‘Perfect Pati’, ‘Vish’ and many more, made some big revelations about her married life. The actress has been married to politician Madhvendra Rai for 10 years. She spoke about it during her recent visit to Times of India office, Mumbai. Snehal spoke extensively to ETimes TV about finally talking about her love story, marriage, husband’s professional background and a lot more.

Big revelation about her marriage

I never kept my marriage under the wraps but I never spoke about it. I am an artist. I am Snehal Rai and it was never necessary for me to say I am Mrs. Snehal Rai. But I am participating in a pageant for married women so I felt now is the time to say that I am ‘Mrs.’ As a wife, I am very happy but that is not my only identity.


Was it because of the fear of restrictions in getting work?

I was only 23 when I got married. I never felt like my career would see a setback because of this. My husband is like a friend to me. I share such a good bond with him that all these things never occurred to me. The notion of marriage being a barrier in your career is wrong and many actresses have proven it.

Husband’s reaction to her being an actress

When it comes to him, I always blush. I am an ordinary woman. I cook, take care of the household at times. There is nothing different about my life. At home, I am someone’s wife and daughter-in-law. My husband is very supportive. I remember, we were newly married when I got a call from a casting guy late at night in an emergency, who was detailing me about the shoot. My husband looked worried. And now there are times when I come home late at night and he is very chilled. Initially, he was sensitive about my safety and slowly he has gotten to know how our industry works.

About her husband

My husband’s name is Madhvendra Kumar Rai. He is from UP and belongs to a beautiful cultured family. Our family is filled with ‘Sanskaar, Sanskriti aur Sabhyata’. I am very happy to be married to such a family. It’s a perfect blend of modern and cultural family. I am very happy to be a part of the Rai family.

On making the big revelation ahead of their 10th wedding anniversary

What a better occasion than this to make the revelation. I just want to tell this in front of all that I am here because of you. He once told me, ‘You are my Queen. Go and work like a Queen. You succeed or not, you will always rule my heart as a Queen’. These words have inspired me so much and it is overwhelming.

Their love story

I have done many shows as an anchor. I was doing a show in Delhi, where I had to announce the VIP’s name. My husband came there as a VIP. While announcing, just reading his name, I felt it’s quite heavy as a name. Then his personality also matched his name. During the dinner, post the show, he sat beside me. His voice was also very dumdaar. Call it coincidence or destiny, next day he was seated next to me in the flight. He told about his event company and asked if I would be doing those shows. I gave him my manager’s number. Mujhe bhau khana tha. I did 10-12 shows and he just wanted to meet me. I don’t know when I fell in love. I want to tell, he is my brother, he is my friend, my dad, and whatever relation you call, mentor, guru, well-wisher, he has been all those to me when needed. He is also a son. In these 10 years, it’s about both the partners supporting each other. He balances everything beautifully.


Who proposed to whom?

Nobody. It was very tricky. I live in Gorakhpur. And I got a show there. He told me to meet his family. I met his brother who asked me if I like his brother. I couldn’t say yes or no and just smiled. That was it. It’s like a Hum Saath Saath Hain family. All the other daughters-in-law are homemakers by choice. I am the only one living in Mumbai and they are always excited about my shows. I don’t have a ‘kadak’ saas. Everybody is very sweet and treat me like a kid.

On their long-distance marriage

We live in East and West. We don’t even know when we are going to meet next. I met him last two months back. He is very dedicated in his political arena and my work is in Mumbai. We meet each other whenever we get time. Either I go to his place, sometimes he comes to meet or we have a common point in Delhi. There’s always a lovey-doveyness like boyfriend-girlfriend because we get excited to meet each other. Our relationship has seen many ups and downs and we are very secure about each other. We are mentally very strong.

Their age gap of 21 years

Ekkis achha hai na? Ek kiss… (laughs). We never spoke about the age gap. People make a big fuss about it. We never saw the age gap between us. Logon ka kaam hai kehna. I have seen many things in life. I have seen a lot of struggles in schooling and college. I have lived in a chawl with my mother and sister. I had to take care of my mother and sister by earning. I used to like a few boys at young age but our backgrounds didn’t match due to societal norms. I focused on work and thought that the man who will like you, will like you for being ‘YOU’. My husband has seen my fights and liked my ‘never giving up’ attitude.

On seeing her parents’ marriage break, were you scarred about relationship?

I got sure about what not to do seeing my parents’ relationship and what kind of person I don’t want to be with. I cannot predict future. I wanted to make sure what qualities I do not want to see in my husband. I was not scarred. My mom taught me to take it us a learning from all the bad experiences.

Have you ever been image conscious because of your husband’s political background?

My husband is a rebel. Had he been image-conscious, he wouldn’t have gotten married. My husband is so handsome, any girl would have married him. Age or profession has never mattered. My husband liked me and that’s about it. We have our family’s support. The constituency my husband belongs to, is out family. I am their daughter and daughter-in-law. Not once have I faced any negative comment?



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