Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim share emergency C-section experience; reveal, ‘Seeing our son and touching him in NICU is our energy booster’

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Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim share emergency C-section experience; reveal, ‘Seeing our son and touching him in NICU is our energy booster’

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim welcomed their first child into the world on June 21. Shoaib shared the news on his Instagram and stated that it’s a premature baby who is in the NICU. Recently, Shoaib shared a vlog wherein he gave an update on the baby’s health and told his fans that Dipika is doing fine. Even Dipika joined him and talked about the feeling of becoming a mother.

Talking about the premature delivery

Shoaib shared that although they had prepared a lot for the delivery, the premature delivery left them a little stunned. Shoaib said, “Like all of you know the 21st of June Allah allowed us to welcome our first child into our life. Yes, it’s a premature delivery so the baby is in the NICU and is under the observation of the doctors. But thankfully day by day our son’s health is improving.”


Shoaib on improvement in baby’s health

Shoaib said, “The doctors are very confident that very soon the baby will be completely fine. We may be able to take him back home soon with us. Everyone had planned for the 3rd or 4th week of July but it happened as per Allah’s grace and it seems even the baby wanted to come out into the world in a hurry after his father’s birthday.”

Shoaib on the entire family being tense

Shoaib further added in the video that everything happened so fast that they were a little tense about the baby’s health. Shoaib added “ Everything happened so quickly and we all were very tense because it was a premature baby. We felt uncertain while looking at him. But it’s a good thing that the baby’s health is improving and the doctors and staff are taking very good care of our child. I would like to add that the baby is fine and the doctors are keeping our son in the NICU until the period is over.”

Shoaib on Dipika’s C-section

Shoaib added that his wife and new mommy Dipika are doing fine. She is recovering as she underwent a C-section due to the premature delivery. Shoaib stated “Dipika Allhamdullilah is fine now. Yes, there is a little bit of pain due to the C-section delivery as the baby was premature. And she often feels a little bit of pain as the stitches are still healing but she is recovering. We often go to the baby and give him our touch. Other than Dipika and I, nobody in the house has seen the baby. We are hoping that they all get to meet him very soon.”

Dipika joins Shoaib

Dipika joined Shoaib in the vlog. She said, “I almost feel okay now but there is a little bit of pain as my uterus is healing. The doctor explained to me that for 8 months, there will be pain as my uterus will gradually heal. Everyone is taking good care of me over here.”

Dipika – Shoaib on meeting their baby twice in a day

Dipika shared in the video that she goes to the NICU to meet their son twice a day as it’s their energy booster. Shoaib agreed with her but also shared that initially it was difficult for him to see the baby in the NICU. Dipika revealed, “We go twice to the NICU zone to look at Chotu and he is our energy dose which lightens up our mood.” Shoaib adds “Well yes it’s a different feeling after we take a glance at him even though it’s not a good sight but still the doctors ask us to visit often and let the baby be familiar with our touch. There was a day when I did not visit the baby for 24 hours as I didn’t have the courage to face him. But the doctors and the nurses tell us to do so and let Chotu recognise our touch so that he would realise we are his parents. We hope that our Chotu’s health improves quickly so that we can take him home”.


Shoaib on the doctor asking Dipika to guess the baby’s sex

Shoaib told us in the video “So the C-section that happened in the OT, the doctor asked Dipika about the gender of the baby. Dipika was in anaesthesia and the doctor had told us that she would feel dizzy in the upper portion of the body. The doctor asked her, ‘Kya bolte ho beta kya hoga boy or a girl?’ And she told the doctor, ‘Ma’am, it is a gut feeling that it will be a boy’ and within 5 minutes the doctor said that it is a boy. And in the OT she was screaming with joy, ‘Dekha maine kaha tha it’s a boy’. Everyone was saying that Dipika is very strong.”

Dipika added “The doctor had informed me that when she would give me the half anaesthesia injection I would feel a little dizzy but I knew what was happening and I could hear everything people were saying to me. I enjoyed my delivery.”

Dipika being a premature baby herself

Dipika revealed that she is also a premature baby. She said, “Even I am a premature baby, my mother could relate to the situation that night. She told us ‘Ki bilkul jaise Dipika born huyi thi vaisa hi sab kuch process ho raha hai’. Even though I was born a lot prematurely, Chotu is in a better condition than me. I was born in the seventh month and I had not been in contact with my mom for a lot of time. He took the best of both worlds like coming out after his dad’s birthday and arriving as a premature baby like his mother. Seeing him improving day by day has made us very happy.”

Dipika and Shoaib on what happened on the birthday night

Shoaib said “On the 20th when we went home, the doctor picked up our call at 3 am in the middle of the midnight. Even during the birthday dinner we all were talking about the pregnancy. And being the last few days we all were discussing that we would do this and that. When we reached the hospital the doctor spoke about keeping the baby in the NICU which was not in the woman’s hospital where Dipika was going to deliver earlier, but we did not want our baby to stay away from us as we wanted to be there so we shifted to this current hospital. The earlier hospital did not have any NICU-related facility. ”

Shoaib and Dipika on calling their baby ‘Chotu’

The new parents revealed that currently, they are finding it difficult to call the baby ‘Chotu’ as they already have a name for the baby but cannot reveal it right now. They further added “Well right now we are calling him Chotu as we don’t want to reveal the name right now. We already have a name and we keep calling him by that.”


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