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15 Best Nithya Menen Movies: You must-watch in 2024


Nithya Menen movies are the ones where you get to see the talented Indian actress Nithya Menen in action. She’s known for playing a wide range of roles, from romantic dramas to thrilling adventures and everything in between. You might have seen her in popular movies like “Mersal,” “OK Kanmani,” “Ustad Hotel,” “24,” and “Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju.” People love her performances because she brings a lot of emotion and authenticity to her characters.

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In this article we are going to reveal 15 Best Nithya Menen Movies, You must-watch in 2024. So let’s start…

1. Ala Modalaindi (2011)

Ala Modalaindi is a sweet romantic comedy that follows Gautam’s love life. He plans to propose to Simran but ends up in the hospital after getting hit by a cricket ball thrown by Nithya. Simran falls for the doctor treating Gautam, and Gautam starts dating someone else, Kavya. Meanwhile, Nithya realizes she loves Gautam but misunderstands his situation and thinks he’s married to Kavya. This movie is all about how destiny plays its role in love, misunderstandings get sorted out, and true love finds its way back in the end.

IMDB Rating5.8/10
Release date21 January 2011
DirectorB. V. Nandini Reddy
ActorsNani, Nithya Menen, Sneha Ullal
Running time135 minutes
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2. Ustad Hotel (2012)

Nithya Menen Movies

Ustad Hotel is a lovely movie set in Kerala about Faizi, a young man who loves cooking. This movie is all about family, dreams, and following your heart. Faizi faces a dilemma between his dream of becoming a chef and his dad’s wishes for him to join their family business. As Faizi goes on a journey from Kerala to Switzerland and back, he discovers his true calling and finds love unexpectedly. “Ustad Hotel” movie teaches us about chasing our dreams, respecting traditions, and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.

IMDB Rating8.2/10
Release date29 June 2012
DirectorAnwar Rasheed
ActorsThilakan, Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen
Running time150 minutes
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3. Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju (2015)

Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju is a romantic movie about Raja Ram, a talented runner, and Nazeera, a woman he falls deeply in love with. The story shows Raja Ram’s journey from his youth, supported by his mother Parvathi, to his adulthood where he meets Nazeera, who initially hides her face behind a burqa. Their love faces challenges and sacrifices, especially when Nazeera is forced to leave India due to family reasons. This movie is a beautiful tale of love, sacrifice, and the enduring strength of true love, with a heartwarming ending that leaves you feeling uplifted.

IMDB Rating7.4/10
Release date6 February 2015
DirectorKranthi Madhav
ActorsSharwanand, Nithya Menen
Running time144 minutes
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4. Kanchana 2 (2015)

Nithya Menen Movies

Kanchana 2 is a horror and comedy movie about Raghava, a cameraman, and his adventures with ghosts. His crush Nandini suggests they make a scary TV show to get more viewers. They pick a haunted place, not realizing how real the ghosts there are. Weird stuff starts happening after they find a haunted Thali. Things get scarier as they encounter angry spirits. The story also tells about Ganga, a girl with a tragic past involving revenge and spooky events. This movie mixes scary moments with funny ones, makes it a must-watch for anyone who loves a good ghost story with a twist of humor!

IMDB Rating5.5/10
Release date17 April 2015
DirectorRaghava Lawrence
ActorsRaghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu, Nithya Menen, Kovai Sarala
Running time164 minutes
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5. OK Kanmani (2015)

Nithya Menen Movies

OK Kanmani is a lovely movie about Adi, a video game designer, and Tara, who meet at a wedding and fall in love. They decide to live together instead of getting married because they have different career paths taking them to different countries. As they spend time together, they realize how much they mean to each other. Adi’s mentor Ganapathy and his wife Bhavani show them the importance of love and commitment. This movie beautifully captures the struggles and joys of modern relationships, balancing personal dreams with love and togetherness.

IMDB Rating7.4/10
Release date17 April 2015
DirectorMani Ratnam
ActorsDulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen, Prakash Raj, Leela Samson
Running time138 minutes
Watch MovieDisney + Hotstar

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6. 100 Days of Love (2015)

Nithya Menen Movies

100 Days of Love is a fun and romantic comedy movie about Balan, a charming but somewhat aimless guy living in Bangalore. His life takes a turn when he meets Sheela by chance, and their interactions lead to a journey of love and self-discovery. Balan, who starts off as a bit of a goofball, tries to win Sheela’s heart despite their rocky past. This movie captures the ups and downs of urban life, the importance of friendship, and the complexities of relationships. Overall, “100 Days of Love” is a good romantic comedy movie that reminds us love can surprise us when we least expect it.

IMDB Rating6.6/10
Release date20 March 2015
DirectorJanuse Mohammed Majeed
ActorsDulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen, Sekhar Menon, Aju Varghese
Running time155 minutes
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7. JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai (2015)

JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai tells the story of JK, a young man who starts off carefree, only interested in fun and hanging out with friends. But after a life-changing event at a New Year’s party where he loses his friend Ravi and gets seriously injured himself, JK’s perspective shifts dramatically. He realizes how short life can be and decides to turn things around. Instead of just enjoying himself, he becomes focused on making money, taking care of his family, and making sure they’re happy. This movie is about JK’s journey from a carefree guy to someone who values family, responsibility, and making the most of every moment.

IMDB Rating6/10
Release date6 March 2015
ActorsSharwanand, Nithya Menen, Prakash Raj, Santhanam
Running time139 minutes
Watch MovieAha

8. Kotigobba 2 (2016)

Kotigobba 2 is an exciting movie about a guy named Satya, played by Kiccha Sudeep, who is a skilled thief but also leads a normal life. Satya gets caught up in a world of lies when he faces threats and betrayal from corrupt people. This movie explores themes like family bonds, sacrifices, and the struggles of staying true to oneself. This movie is packed with thrilling heists, intense scenes, and surprises that keep you hooked. “Kotigobba 2” is a movie that anyone who loves suspenseful thrillers mixed with emotions will enjoy.

IMDB Rating6.6/10
Release date12 August 2016
DirectorK. S. Ravikumar
ActorsSudeepa, Nithya Menen
Running time162 minutes
Watch MovieYoutube

9. Iru Mugan (2016)

Nithya Menen Movies

Iru Mugan is an action movie about a retired spy named Akilan Vinod who’s forced out of retirement to stop a dangerous villain called Love. Love, a rogue scientist, uses a powerful drug called Speed to cause chaos and destruction. Akilan’s personal mission adds emotion to the story as he seeks revenge for his wife’s death at Love’s hands. Later, Aayushi, Akilan dives into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, to uncovering Love’s evil plans. This movie is filled with thrilling action scenes and suspenseful moments as Akilan races against time to save the day.

IMDB Rating6.3/10
Release date8 September 2016
DirectorAnand Shankar
ActorsVikram, Nayanthara, Nithya Menen
Running time154 minutes
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10. 24 (2016)

24 is a movie about a genius scientist named Sethuraman who creates a special watch that can travel through time. But things take a dark turn when his wicked twin, Athreya, tries to steal the watch and harms their family. The story follows Sethuraman’s son, Manikandan, who grows up unaware of his true identity. As Manikandan learns about the watch’s abilities, he uncovers Athreya’s evil plans and sets out to stop him. With thrilling time-travel twists and heartfelt moments, this movie explores themes of family, courage, and the power to change destiny.

IMDB Rating7.8/10
Release date6 May 2016
DirectorVikram Kumar
ActorsSuriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen
Running time164 minutes
Watch MovieZEE 5

11. Awe! (2018)

Nithya Menen Movies

Awe! is a unique Indian movie set mainly in a restaurant. It follows different people dealing with their own problems. There’s Shiva, who dreams of building a time machine, and Mira, who struggles with drug addiction and encounters a ghost. The story also includes Nala, who pretends to be a chef, and Radha, whose relationship shocks her parents. As the movie progresses, we learn that all these characters are actually different parts of Kali’s personality, a woman with multiple personalities. This movie explores themes of mental health and how people’s lives are interconnected. It’s a thought-provoking film that looks at identity and the challenges people face.

IMDB Rating7.6/10
Release date16 February 2018
DirectorPrasanth Varma
ActorsKajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba
Running time110 minutes
Watch MovieNetflix

12. Praana (2019)

Nithya Menen Movies

Praana is a Malayalam movie that takes you on a journey into the mind of Tara Anuradha, an English writer played by Nithya Menen. She confronts her deepest fears while also shedding light on important social issues like intolerance and injustice. What’s unique about this film is that Nithya Menen is the only actor, making her performance truly powerful and immersive. “Praana” is a must-watch movie for anyone who loves psychological thrillers with a deep message about society.

IMDB Rating6.5/10
Release date18 January 2019
DirectorV. K. Prakash
ActorsNithya Menen
Running time152 minutes
Watch MovieJustWatch

13. Skylab (2021)

Nithya Menen Movies

Skylab is a movie set in a small village in 1979. It follows the lives of Dr. Anand, Subedar Ramarao, and Gowri during a time when the Skylab satellite from the US was expected to crash to Earth. Anand wants to regain his medical license, Ramarao hopes to reopen a clinic, and Gowri is a journalist looking for a big story. As the villagers prepare for Skylab’s possible impact, they come together, facing challenges and finding strength in unity. This movie beautifully portrays their struggles, relationships, and how they overcome obstacles as a community.

IMDB Rating6.7/10
Release date4 December 2021
DirectorVishvak Khanderao
ActorsNithya Menen, Satya Dev, Rahul Ramakrishna
Running time148 minutes
Watch MovieSony Liv

14. Thiruchitrambalam (2022)

Thiruchitrambalam is a movie about Pazham, a delivery guy with a troubled family past. He’s distant from his dad due to a tragic accident, and his love life is full of ups and downs with Anusha and his childhood friend Shobana. Despite initial rejections and complications, he eventually realizes his true feelings for Shobana and apologizes for his past mistakes. This movie beautifully shows how love, forgiveness, and understanding can mend relationships and lead to a happy ending, with Pazham and Shobana finally finding love and getting married.

IMDB Rating7.9/10
Release date12 August 2022
DirectorMithran R. Jawahar
ActorsDhanush, Nithya Menen, Bharathiraja, Prakash Raj
Running time133 minutes
Watch MoviePrime Video

15. 19(1)(a) (2022)

19(1)(a) is a Malayalam movie about a regular woman who runs a photocopy shop. Her life changes dramatically when a writer gives her his unpublished novel. The title of this movie refers to a part of India’s constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. Nithya Menen plays the main character, who faces new challenges and explores the importance of speaking freely. Vijay Sethupathi, in his first character role in a Malayalam film, adds depth to the story. This movie, produced by Anto Joseph, delves into themes of individual rights and the influence of literature on society.

IMDB Rating5/10
Release date29 July 2022
DirectorIndhu V S
ActorsNithya Menen, Vijay Sethupathi, Indrajith Sukumaran
Running time108 minutes
Watch MovieDisney + Hotstar

Frequently Asked Questions on Nithya Menen movies

Q: What are some of the most popular Nithya Menen movies?
A: Some popular Nithya Menen movies include OK Kanmani, Kotigobba 2, 24, Awe!, Skylab, Thiruchitrambalam, Ustad Hotel, and Kanchana 2.

Q: What genres does Nithya Menen usually work in?
A: Nithya Menen works in a variety of genres, including drama, romance, thriller, and comedy.

Q: Has Nithya Menen won any awards for her performances?
A: Yes, Nithya Menen has won several awards for her outstanding performances, including Filmfare Best Actress Critics – Telugu and Nandi Special Jury Award, for her performance.

Q: What are some upcoming Nithya Menen movies to look forward to?
A: Some upcoming Nithya Menen movies include Ravi Varma, Ommomme, Wonder Women, and Kolambi.

Q: Has Nithya Menen worked with any famous directors or actors?
A: Yes, Nithya Menen has collaborated with renowned directors like Mani Ratnam and actors like Dulquer Salmaan.

Q: Can I watch Nithya Menen movies online?
A: Yes, many of Nithya Menen movies are available for streaming on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar.



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