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12 Best Horror Comedy Movies Hindi: You must watch in 2024


Horror Comedy Movies Hindi are a special kind of films that mix scary stuff with lots of laughs. Imagine spooky ghosts, haunted houses, and strange things happening, but instead of just being scared, you also get a good dose of humor. These movies have become really popular because they’re not only for people who love horror but also for those who want to have a fun and funny time at the movies.

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Actors who are great at both making you laugh and giving you a bit of a fright play roles in these films. Overall, Hindi horror comedy movies are a cool way to enjoy a movie that’s both spooky and hilarious! We are going to discuss our best horror comedy movies hindi which you can watch in 2024 based on their review and ratings. So let’s start:

1. Stree

Horror comedy movies hindi

So our first horror comedy movies hindi list starts with movie “Stree”. The story is about a town called Chanderi, where people believe in a ghostly woman known as “Stree” who snatches away men during a religious festival, leaving only their clothes behind. To protect themselves, residents write “O Stree, come tomorrow” on their homes.

Vicky, a tailor, falls for a woman who appears during the festival, raising suspicions that she might be Stree. When their friend Janna is abducted, Vicky and his friends seek help from a local librarian who reveals Stree’s tragic past.As they investigate, they learn that Stree was once a courtesan seeking love. A prophecy suggests Vicky could be the savior, but he’s upset to discover he’s the son of a courtesan.

IMDB Rating7.5/10
Release date31 August 2018
ActorsRajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi
DirectorAmar Kaushik
ProducersDinesh Vijan, Krishna D.K., Raj Nidimoru
Budget25 crore
Box office180 crore

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2. Phone Bhoot

Horror comedy movies hindi

So our second number list from “Horror Comedy Movies Hindi” contain movie Phone Bhoot. Major and Gullu, two unemployed dreamers, yearn to be exorcists and turn to their friend Raaka for help. When their Halloween party takes an unexpected turn, they find themselves in the realm of the dead, making a deal with the benevolent ghost Ragini. In exchange for their help in attaining salvation for lost souls, Ragini promises to assist them in their quest for wealth. The duo starts a ‘Phone Bhoot’ company, gaining fame, but soon faces the jealousy of the evil tantrik Atmaram.

IMDB Rating5.2/10
Release date4 November 2022
ActorsKatrina Kaif, Ishaan Khatter, Siddhant Chaturvedi
DirectorGurmmeet Singh
ProducersRitesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar
Budget35 crore
Box office19 crore

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3. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Horror comedy movies hindi

In 2004, in a big mansion in Bhawanigarh, Rajasthan, some priests lock away a mean spirit named Manjulika. She’s all set on causing trouble for the family’s daughter-in-law, Anjulika. The family gets scared and leaves the mansion to stay safe. Fast forward 18 years to Himachal Pradesh, where Ruhaan meets Reet. They stumble upon the Thakur family’s mansion, thinking Reet is no more. To dodge an unwanted marriage, Reet pretends to be dead, and they hide in the deserted mansion.

Ruhaan pretends to talk to spirits and tricks the Thakurs, uncovering a spooky past involving the Thakur sisters, Uday, and the not-so-friendly spirit, Manjulika. The story has surprises, tricks, and a big moment where Anjulika’s spirit faces off with and beats Manjulika. This leads to the family leaving, and the mansion gets left behind once more.

IMDB Rating5.7/10
Release date20 May 2022
ActorsKartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, Tabu
DirectorAnees Bazmee
ProducersAnees Bazmee, Bhushan Kumar
Budget70 crore
Box office267 crore

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4. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Horror comedy movies hindi

In this thrilling story, Badrinarayan Chaturvedi, who leads a royal family in Varanasi, grapples with a haunted palace believed to be cursed by the ghost of a Bengal dancer named Manjulika. Siddharth and his wife Avni return from the U.S., and Avni becomes intrigued by the legend. Mysterious events unfold, leading to suspicions falling on Radha, Badri’s adopted daughter.

Siddharth, seeking a logical explanation, brings in psychiatrist Aditya to help Radha. As strange happenings intensify, Aditya discovers that Avni has a split personality linked to Manjulika. The plot thickens with a vanished poet, hidden secrets, and Avni’s alter ego. The arrival of exorcist Yagyaprakash sets the stage for an unconventional plan by Aditya to heal Avni.

IMDB Rating7.4/10
Release date12 October 2007
ActorsAkshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Shiney Ahuja, Ameesha Patel
ProducerBhushan Kumar
Budget32 crore
Box office83 crore

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5. Bhoot Police

Horror comedy movies hindi

Vibhooti and Chiraunji, two brothers running a pretend ghost-busting business. They stumble upon a girl faking possession and decide to help her escape a forced marriage. Their journey takes them to a Tantric fair and Dharamshala, where they confront a real supernatural challenge involving the Kichkandi spirit. As the brothers grapple with skepticism and family conflicts, they eventually uncover the heartbreaking story behind the Kichkandi. The movie continues with a heartwarming resolution, hinting at future adventures involving werewolves and vampires. It’s a fun and spooky ride full of laughs, family bonds, and a touch of the supernatural.

IMDB Rating6.9/10
Release date10 September 2021
ActorsSaif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Yami Gautam
DirectorPawan Kripalani
ProducerRamesh Taurani, Akshai Puri
Budget40 crore
Box office60-65 crore

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6. Bhediya

Horror comedy movies hindi

Bhaskar and his cousin Jana go to a small town for a road project. Bhaskar gets bitten by a wolf, and strange things start happening to him. People oppose cutting down trees, and two project members are found dead with animal-like bites. It turns out Bhaskar is transforming into a werewolf, and they try to find a cure.

They discover the real werewolf is Dr. Anika, who has protected the forest for a century. She spared Bhaskar because she sensed his kindness. To save the town, Bhaskar becomes the new protector after Anika’s demise. He decides to build roads around the forest, sparing the trees. Mysterious animal attacks stop the deforestation project, and in a surprise twist, Bhaskar, now a werewolf, appears in a mid-credits scene.

IMDB Rating6.8/10
Release date25 November 2022
ActorsVarun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon
DirectorAmar Kaushik
ProducerDinesh Vijan, Jyoti Deshpande
Budget60 crore
Box office90 crore

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7. Bhoothnath

Horror comedy movies hindi

In the charming tale of ‘One Windy Night,’ a young family moves into Nath Villa, a huge bungalow in Goa, only to discover a friendly ghost named Bhoothnath. Despite attempts to scare them off, their son Banku befriends Bhoothnath, leading to playful antics. The story takes a emotional turn when a mishap puts Banku in danger, prompting Bhoothnath to apologize and share his heartbreaking backstory. As the family decides to perform final rites for Bhoothnath’s salvation, unexpected reconciliation occurs with his son Vijay.

IMDB Rating6.4/10
Release date9 May 2008
ActorsAmitabh Bachchan, Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan, Rajpal Yadav
DirectorVivek Sharma
ProducerRavi Chopra
Budget20 crore
Box office38 crore

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8. Go Goa Gone

Horror comedy movies hindi

Hardik and Luv, dealing with job loss and a breakup, head to Goa with their friend Bunny to unwind. A wild party on a secluded island, fueled by a dangerous new drug, triggers a zombie outbreak. Together with Russian mafia members Boris and Nikolai, the group faces zombie attacks, internal conflicts, and the truth behind the drug. Their struggle for survival leads to unexpected alliances and sacrifices. The story takes a suspenseful turn as they attempt to escape the island, revealing the destructive consequences of the drug.

IMDB Rating6.6/10
Release date10 May 2013
ActorsSaif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu
DirectorsKrishna D.K., Raj Nidimoru
ProducersSaif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan
Budget19 crore
Box office39 crore

9. Golmaal Again

Horror comedy movies hindi

Gopal, Madhav, Lucky, Laxman, and Laxman 2, a bunch of friends raised in an orphanage in Ooty by a kind businessman named Joy Jamnadas. Each of them has their quirks – Gopal is scared of ghosts, Lucky can’t talk, and Laxman has a speech issue. They even adopt a baby girl named Khushi. Things get crazy when a prank causes a rift, leading some of the friends to leave the orphanage.

Years later, they reunite after hearing about Jamnadas’ passing. But there’s trouble – the orphanage is in danger of being demolished by a not-so-nice businessman, Vasu Reddy. As they try to save the orphanage, strange things start happening. Ghostly encounters, possessions, and a mysterious caretaker named Damini keep them on their toes. Little do they know, the ghost they’re dealing with is actually Khushi, seeking justice for her own death.

IMDB Rating5/10
Release date20 October 2017
ActorsAjay Devgan, Parineeti Chopra, Tabu, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Johnny Lever
DirectorRohit Shetty
ProducerSangeeta Sachin, Rohit Shetty, Shivashish Sarkar
Budget70 crore
Box office310 crore

10. Laxmii

Horror comedy movies hindi

Asif Ahmed, a non-believer in ghosts, lives with his wife Rashmi and nephew Shaan. They attend Rashmi’s parents’ anniversary celebration, where strange events unfold. Asif accidentally disturbs a buried body, triggering supernatural encounters. The family discovers three ghosts, with one possessing Asif, leading to eerie incidents. The main ghost, Laxmii, shares her sad story of being disowned for being transgender and seeking justice for her murder. Asif, moved by her plight, willingly allows her to possess him for revenge. Together, they confront those responsible, ensuring justice is served.

IMDB Rating2.5/10
Release date9 November 2020
ActorsAkshay Kumar, Kiara Advani
DirectorRaghava Lawrence
ProducerRaghava Lawrence
Budget65 crore

11. Ruhi

Horror comedy movies hindi

Bhawra and Kattanni, from the village of Bagadpur, get caught up in a strange situation when their boss asks them to kidnap Roohi for an arranged marriage. The twist? Roohi is possessed by a demon named Afza. Bhawra tries to help Roohi, while Kattanni becomes interested in the demonic spirit. As they navigate the supernatural mess, they discover that the demon, Afza, wants a unique kind of marriage.

Bhawra attempts a clever plan involving marrying a dog, but things get complicated. Guniya Bhai, their boss, wants them to abandon Roohi, but they refuse. Chaos ensues, with Afza causing harm to those who try to intervene. The story combines romance, supernatural elements, and humor in a village where traditions collide with the supernatural.

IMDB Rating4.3/10
Release date11 March 2021
ActorsRajkummar Rao, Varun Sharma, Janhvi Kapoor
DirectorHardik Mehta
ProducerDinesh Vijan
Budget20 crore
Box office30 crore

12. Chandramukhi 2

Horror comedy movies hindi

Ranganayaki, the head of a wealthy family, faces a series of tragedies, including her daughter’s death in a plane crash and a factory fire. Seeking solutions, they follow their astrologer’s advice to pray at their ancestral temple. However, they unknowingly release spirits in a palace they lease, leading to chaos. One family member gets possessed.As they delve into the palace’s history, they uncover a tale of love and revenge between spirits Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan. A sage intervenes in a climactic battle, sacrificing himself to end the haunting.

IMDB Rating2.6/10
Release date28 September 2023
ActorsRaghava Lawrence, Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Menon
DirectorP. Vasu
ProducerSubaskaran Allirajah
Budget65 crore
Box office40 crore

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Horror Comedy Movies Hindi

Q: What are some popular horror comedy movies in hindi?
A: Some popular Hindi horror comedy movies include “Stree,” “Bhool Bhulaiyaa,” “Golmaal Again,” “Roohi,” and “Go Goa Gone.”

Q: How would you define the genre of horror comedy movies hindi in Bollywood?
A: Horror comedy in Bollywood combines elements of horror and humor, creating a unique cinematic experience. These movies typically involve supernatural or eerie elements while incorporating comedic elements to entertain the audience.

Q: Are Hindi horror comedy movies suitable for all audiences?
A: While horror comedy movies are generally made to entertain a wide audience, it’s essential to check the film’s rating for age-appropriateness. Some movies may have content that is more suitable for mature audiences, so it’s advisable to check the certification before viewing.

Q: Who are some popular actors known for their roles in Hindi horror comedy movies?
A: Actors like Rajkummar Rao, Akshay Kumar, Kartik Aaryan, and Saif Ali Khan have been associated with successful Hindi horror comedy films, delivering memorable performances in this genre.

Q: Can you recommend a recent Hindi horror comedy movies that has received positive reviews?
A: “Stree” was one of the best Hindi horror comedy films that garnered attention, you must watch this movie for one time.



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